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We have experience in a wide variety of industries, right from Asset Management to Big Data, eCommerce to Healthcare and more.

Property Ecommerce-Service Page.png

Property E-Commerce

Make it easy for clients to make real estate purchases by displaying rental location information, selling buildings with a good deal 

Gift Vouchers-Service Page.png

Gift Voucher Module

Application for providing discount vouchers and cashback, to make it easier for smartphone users to access and search for discount vouchers.

Food Delivery App-Service Page.png

Food Service Application

Applications that support and help provide food delivery services or other services, which make it easier for service providers to list food and goods to be purchased

Cinedrive-Service Page.png

Movie Application

Applications that help purchase tickets for Drive-in Cinema online are guaranteed to make it easier for you to cut the time to get cinema films and time based on odd-even vehicle numbers.

Talpro-Service Page.png

Attendance Application

This application that makes it easy to track employee attendance is an important application for businesses in this era, especially work that is done remotely or in a hybrid way.

Pelindo-Service Page.png

Harbour Tracking

Applications that help purchase tickets with certain conditions based on documentation owned by heavy vehicles, and can track vehicles, drivers, and driver companions.

Employee-Service Page.png

Employee CV Application

Make it easy to input and create CV or employee profile data, and make it easier to list employees in the company.

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