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The FSM Mobility Solution

Effective field service management is about assigning the right people, the right place, and the right time with the right tools, service parts & information.

Learn more about field service management and how the right tools can help you streamlined in the field and surpass customer expectations.

In general, FSM is an activity to dispatch crew to Customer locations to perform installations, repairs, maintenance etc. Which are actively managed, monitored under a

predefined contract.


1.Provide real-time data of mobile work status

Using real-time data with your mobile apps in the field allows techs to collect and sync information with the back office to create an immediate response.It will

streamlined your operations: Allows you to monitor activity as it happens on your website or app and deliver better customer experiences

2.Increase first-time-fix rate:

It is about getting the right field crew to the right place at the right time to get the task right with empower them the best access to tools such as

the knowledge base,training videos and collaboration

3.Reduce overhead or administration costs of paper-based field service management and data entry

Forget the paper-based, paperless is better and work administration can be recorded better, there is history and so on. And also free your teams to focus on

high-value deliverables, not paperwork

4.Increase productivity & efficiency

Fewer unnecessary trips to Work Order location with routes optimisation and Seamless Offline Mode Experience to keep field crew productive with the right data to

complete their service workflow

THIS is comprehensive Field Service Management (FSM) software which offers the key features so that customers can increase productivity easily and quickly.

It capability to integrate with other systems and technologies, such as the Internet of Things, Google Maps Platform and other ERP or IS(Information System)

If you want more information about FSM Solution, you can follow us on LinkedIn. You can also message us through our contact page

if you have other inquiries. We’ll be happy to help :)

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