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Manage and optimize business activities based on fieldwork.
This solution is used by companies that require on-site service. Business company services that provide repairs to or according to the customer's location and can carry out work orders in Real Time with customers the way technicians do request and input data in the FSM application.

Using maps to make it easier to reach customers in performing services. to tracking asset and Crew to determine the distance between the existence of assets, work orders and crew.

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Person Analyzing Data

A system that makes it easy for employees to place orders and collect data on raw materials and services that are carried out directly on the spot

Aplication can work at offline mode, allow a the Costumer in the field to keep on working on any app without having to worry about the presence of WiFi or cell signal.

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Collect, transfer, check and update bulk data about the entry and delivery of goods using PO number

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