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This application that makes it easy to track employee attendance is an important application for businesses in this era, especially work that is done remotely or in a hybrid way. Its main function is to provide employees with a system that allows them to check-in and check out and report daily activities through a timesheet, making it easier for HR to recapture employee data.

Using maps to make it easier to reach customers in performing services. to tracking asset and Crew to determine the distance between the existence of assets, work orders and crew.

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Collect, transfer, check and update bulk data about the entry and delivery of goods using PO-number.

Aplication can work at offline mode, allow a the Costumer in the field to keep on working on any app without having to worry about the presence of WiFi or cell signal.

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Scan Barcode and QR Code for Material code located in warehouse.

Multi-site inventory management software with the ability to manage stock and operations of more than one facility in a coordinated manner.

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Streaming data is data that is continuously generated by thousands of data sources, which usually transmit data records simultaneously.

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